Triniti Skin Series

tinitiThree treatments. Same day.

Typically, from the age of thirty, a once clear, well defined face begins the aging process as the cheeks droop, nasolabial folds become prominent and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes emerge. If no preventative action is taken, as the forties are reached, a sculptured jaw line can become a saggy jowl line, or a double chin can appear, and wrinkles become ingrained.

In reversing the signs of aging skin it is important to stimulate skin repair by:

– Encouraging collagen production
– Increasing skin’s moisture content
– Improving the skin’s ability to protect itself
– Encouraging new skin cell growth

The Triniti Skin Rejuvenation treatment is suitable for anyone that is seeking relief from blemishes, laxity, and wrinkles. The triniti Skin Series combines 3 of today’s most effective technologies through the eMax laser system. If you are looking for a complete treatment that is as close to a non-surgical face lift, this is it! There is no invasiveness and it is a well-tolerated, comfortable procedure. Clients may return to work in the same day.

Triniti is suitable for women who do not want the tight and plumped, overdone look and want to avoid the downtime and/or complications associated with surgical procedures.

At Affordable Laser and Cosmetic Clinic we believe in a global approach to your rejuvenation plan. With the Triniti procedure, we combine in one visit the 3 pillars of total skin rejuvenation:

  1. Renew- Dramatically reducing the blemishes of the skin, including age spots, sun spots, freckles, broken capillaries, poor texture, large pores, fine lines. This portion is also called the Fotofacial RF.
  2. ReFirme – excess laxity can be reversed and tightened with the ReFirme treatment, with no surgery or downtime.
  3. Reduce – with the Matrix, wrinkles are diminished and filled in by your skin’s own regenerative healing process, without the need of artificial fillers, and without damaging or scabbing of the surface of the skin.
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