Skin Rejuvenation

oldwomanAt Affordable Laser and Cosmetic Clinic, we believe that is important to help people improve not just their physical appearance, but also their health and youthfulness. Our practice has put together a system of treatments that can be customized for you – your age, skin type, and needs. It is important that your health and biological age is optimized while giving you the external skin and body rejuvenation treatments. This is crucial as our outer self is reflected by what is going on inside us, and vice versa. Instead of just providing external, superficial treatments, Affordable Laser and Cosmetic Clinic approaches your beauty from a more complete or “holistic” approach.

fotofacialThere is such a large variety in skin rejuvenation treatments offered to patients that it can be confusing to know what you really need or what actually works. For that reason, we are excited to be able to give you the right knowledge and answers.

Affordable Laser and Cosmetic Clinic is proud to be a leader in the industry providing the most effective results with FotoFacial RF, VelaShape, Refirme, Affirm, Matrix IR, and Chemical Peels. Thanks to having some of the latest technology, which targets deep layers of collagen structures for skin laxity and tightening, client discomfort is significantly decreased while the healing process is greatly accelerated. Unlike traditional laser treatments, there are no wounds and thus no downtime.