Botox and Injectable Fillers


botoxladyMany wrinkles are actually creases that have been worn into the skin by making the same expression many times. These are called “expression lines” or “dynamic wrinkles”.

Typical dynamic wrinkles include “frown lines” between the eyebrows, “crow’s feet” around the eyes, and forehead lines. The presence of these lines can add years to our appearance, often making us look angry, tired or worried.

Botox® can help you to control your facial expressions. Botox® treatments can help to prevent the unintended display of negative feelings, and in this way help some people to express themselves more accurately.

Botox® is a highly purified, naturally occurring protein, which has the ability to very precisely relax the muscles to which it is applied. This relaxation lasts for a number of months, and then the treated muscles gradually return to their normal condition.

Botox® does not affect the nerves responsible for sensation, so there is no numbness in the treated area. You can stop Botox® treatments at any time and be confident that you will gradually return to your pre-treatment appearance.

botox-baThe benefits Botox® on wrinkles come from the ability of Botox® to selectively and precisely relax the muscles that are causing the wrinkles to occur. The skin over the treated muscles gradually becomes smoother and less wrinkled as the muscles relax.

The treated muscles usually start to relax within a day or two, and reach the maximum degree of relaxation with 7-14 days. About 3 months after the first treatment, the effects of the Botox® gradually start to wear off.

Because it relaxes the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles, Botox® treatments can also prevent new lines from forming in the areas treated.

Botox® treatments are gentle and quick. No sedation or local anaesthetic is required, so you will be able to continue with all your usual activities immediately after your treatment. A small amount of discomfort may be felt when the needle is inserted and the solution is injected. This sensation lasts only seconds.

botox-ba2Occasionally patients experience some bruising at the injection site. This can easily be hidden with cover-up and fades away within a few days.

Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers (also known as dermal fillers) are becoming more and more popular among cosmetic patients. They are a non-surgical option to rejuvenate aging skin and result in providing it with a more natural appearance. They are also used to fight scar depressions, restore soft-tissue volume loss and enhance lips.

Don’t get scared of the word “injection”. The needle itself is tiny: the whole procedure is practically painless, non-invasive and easy to administer. And the cosmetic results are impressive and last for a significant period of time. The duration of the result ranges from several months to over a year.

Hyaluronic acid is a component that is naturally produced by the skin. With the years our skin produces less hyaluronic acid, which is the result of normal aging process. Your skin becomes thinner and as a result, it becomes loose and starts to wrinkle. This reduction in skin volume can make your face look thin and narrow, possibly making you appear older than you are.

Affordable Laser and Cosmetic Clinic carries the Esthélis and JUVÉDERM lines of dermal fillers.



View the filling and natural effects of Esthélis.

Esthélis products contain hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring component of the skin and is the key factor of young looking skin. Your skin will immediately integrate Esthélis since your body recognizes it as a natural component. Because Esthélis is made of a naturally occurring component, it is perfectly bio-compatible, fully bio-degradable and highly safe to use. With Esthélis there are minimum risks of allergic reactions or other side-effects.

This is why at the end of the session you are able to immediately return to your regular social and professional lives!

All those undergoing treatment using Esthélis comment on the immediate and natural “lifting effect”. Wrinkles simply disappear without transforming and “freezing” your face or your natural facial expressions.

These results are also long lasting: the natural origin of Esthélis means it is gradually re-absorbed by the skin after a period of 9 to 12 months.

Thanks to the breadth of the Esthélis product range they are able to meet your specific beauty needs

* lip volume enhancement
* redefining the contours of your lips
* crow’s-feet
* facial outlines
* naso-labial furrows
* glabellar lines
* peri-oral wrinkles
* lip commissures
* forehead wrinkles

Esthélis is also perfectly adapted for the correction of facial depressions
either age–related or due to injury (scars).


Skin rejuvenation treatments with Juvéderm are quick, simple, comfortable, and non-surgical. The procedure will have you looking and feeling refreshed. The doctor will administer subtle and strategically-placed injections under the skin to restore and boost individual facial features. Juvéderm has been approved by Health Canada and is also the first Hyaluronic Acid filler that has demonstrated effectiveness in persons of colour.

Juvéderm can be used to:

  • Soften smile lines
  • Restore lost fullness in your cheeks
  • Enhance lips
  • Contour your jaw line

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The treatment is comfortable because of the patented formulation which includes lidocaine, a localized pain reliever. It has also been clinically proven to last up to 1 year with a single treatment.  A further advantage is that the treatment is reversible. The fillers are biodegradable, meaning that the gel breaks down over time and will disappear from your body.

If you would like to find out more about BOTOX or our injectable fillers and receive a free consultation, please, contact us by phone at (905) 346-0500.