senior wrinles

Facial lines and wrinkles are part of the natural course of aging and contribute to our unique individuality, yet sun damage and smoking can add to these lines, making them more visible and prominent. We have a variety of skin care options for women and men that treat lines and wrinkles. Often a combination of treatments will deliver optimal results. A common treatment for frown lines is the combination of BOTOX® Cosmetic with dermal fillers  (also called SoftLift®), which relax the frown movement and penetrate to help deeper lines. Lines around the mouth are commonly treated by use of dermal fillers, but BOTOX and laser resurfacing can also provide results.

Besides wrinkles, shadowing under the eyes or hollowing of the cheeks may improve from treatment with dermal fillers to replace lost volume. Lips also tend to diminish and develop lines with down-turned corners of the mouth. Replenishing the volume, crisping up the lip edges and smoothing out the wrinkles can all be addressed with a coordinated, physician-directed approach.

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