Scars and Stretch Marks


A scar is what is left after the skin has attempted to heal itself. Although this may seem straightforward, scars are actually quite complex and require an organized, comprehensive approach to treatment. There are many components of scars including changes in texture and colour. Texture changes include thick, thin, and indented scars, and colour changes vary with white, red, and brown. Stretch marks are examples of another common type of scar which we treat. The best time to treat a scar is within the first few weeks to months after the injury; however, old scars may be improved as well. If scars are itchy or painful, these symptoms need to be addressed.

Many people experience scars and stretch marks at some point in their life and some people’s skin tends to show these more easily than others. This may affect a person’s self-image, which is why improvement in scars and stretch marks can make a big difference to a person’s self-esteem. At Affordable Laser, we have multiple lasers and other modalities to aid scar and stretch mark removal for patients, all of which are Medical Doctor directed. A full complement of technologies is used to optimize results.

There are many potential components to scars including changes in texture and colour. The best time to treat a scar is within the first few weeks to months after the skin is injured. However, old scars can be improved as well. For textural improvement, options include resurfacing lasers such as Triniti Skin Series, IPL light treatments, dermal fillers and Matrix RF Sublative Skin Rejuvenation. Red colour can be improved with one of our many blood vessel lasers and light systems.

Treatments for stretch marks and scarring (after pregnancy) are be treated with the Velashape Body Contouring system.


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