Brow Heaviness


With time, the eyebrows can become heavy, leading to a tired, serious look. Heavy brows may also lead to heavy eyelids. While procedures such as a face lift or a brow lift can give dramatic results, there are non-surgical options that may help lift the brows to create a subtle but noticeable enhancement.

Brow heaviness can be improved with one of the non-surgical approaches we use, including BOTOX®Cosmetic, Juvederm and the Triniti Skin Sries. BOTOX helps by relaxing muscles that pull the brows down, allowing the lifting muscles to work freely.

This results in a lifted appearance of the eyebrows. Dermal fillers may be administered underneath the brows to lift them by creating support. This differs from BOTOX because it is designed to support the area from within. Triniti Skin Series treatments stimulate new collagen, resulting in a gentle tightening of the skin.

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