Blemishes and Skin Tone

skin tone

Are yourself self-conscious about the uneven skin tones on your face? Most people are already self conscious about some mark or scar or mole or shape of their face.  A few PCA Fruit-acid Peels will help to minimize the appearance of uneven skin tones, oily area, and blackheads.  When your skin is bright, taut and firm the look is much more appealing than dull, oily and miscoloured skin.  This is within reach with just a few pampering treatments by our PCA certified aesthetician.

Why are PCA chemical peels better than another type that you can get in any spa or beauty parlor?  Well, for the first reason, PCA fruit-acid peels are manufactured within the most strict guidelines, and all formulations have been directly created by physicians and scientists that have been dealing with every imaginable skin and facial problem.  The PCA chemical secret is that all of their products work on a cellular level, so even after the chemicals are removed from the skin, the process is still working. The penetration continues after the final removal of the chemical peel.  By working on the cellular level, the treatment is repairing and fortifying the cells both on the surface of the skin and beneath the outer layer.  The results are extremely satisfying and repetitive treatments will truly do miraculous work on the true you.

Small red spots termed angiomas on the face or body and brown sun freckles termed lentigines in the sun exposed areas can be treated quickly and efficiently with minimal risk. If there are multiple brown freckle-type spots on the face, either the entire face can be treated with a single treatment such as with a facial peel, or spots can be treated individually. If there is a combination of red and brown spots, photorejuvenation may be a good choice as it treats both colours together. And if there are just individual red spots, flat or raised, these can be treated with one of our many lasers used to remove blood vessels.