Client Testimonials

When I first came to Affordable Laser and Cosmetic Clinic, I was unhappy with my skin – there were many pustules that were infected which made me uncomfortable. I was very depressed as I couldn’t go out without people questioning my appearance. After I talked to Dr Yu at the initial consultation, he set me on a treatment plan and skin regimen which included topical medications, facial wash, and fruit-acid peels. I was able to see results after 4 weeks and I was so happy. I have recommended many people to Affordable Laser. I now have more self confidence and even returned to school. Thank you Affordable Laser and Cosmetic Clinic!


Nawal Fadl

I am a female age 54, it’s seem as if I woke up one morning and I had acne on my face and every day it’s seem to have more and more. I went to my family doctor and he gives me medication that dries out my face and did not work. I am new to the area so I did some research on my own; I called Affordable Laser & Cosmetic Clinic and spoke to one of the staff (Patricia) who was very knowledge and helpful and I felt comfortable to make the appointment. To my surprised when I got there Dr. Yu spends the time to answer my questions and explained everything that I wanted to know and suggested that I should have a Photo Rejuvenation and 4-5 Chemical Peels and I can pay as I go and that was great for me. The Aesthetician Bahar make you so comfortable and relax during the treatment you could fall asleep. I noticed the difference after 2 peels, I have now finished 4 peels and my face and skin look and feel fantastic. My spouse, family and friends say I look incredible, I go out without makeup now as I feel I don’t need it, I even noticed less wrinkle on my face.

I recommend Affordable Laser & Cosmetic Clinic to anyone suffering from any skin condition because I honestly felt like they cared about my skin. Thanks to Dr. Yu and his wonderful staff especially Patricia and Bahar for making me feel and look phenomenal in only a few short months.

Gloria K

It has been a great journey from where my acne was to what it is now. Everyone has noticed a huge difference and it has made me a lot happier. I don’t feel like I need to worry about makeup anymore. I’m getting married next year and I am so happy my pictures won’t be covered with acne. The best part has been how nice the staff are and how affordable it has been. I have tried many creams , which are often expensive and have gotten no results but here it is within a budget and you get more results!

Randi-Lee Bowslaugh  

I visited the Affordable Laser and Cosmetic Clinic since September of 2010 for acne and acne scars treatment–and even though it has only been four months I’ve seen improvements on my acne, the scars and my overall complexion. I would say I had severe acne (such as cysts and nodules), a lot of redness and post acne marks and scars– so I was recommended the hydrafacial and the chemical peels– and after only two peels I noticed how the post acne marks and scars were diminishing– little but noticeable differences. Thanks to Dr. Yu, the staff and my customized treatment plan– I feel this is the treatment for me and for the first time I look forward to getting clear. The cost is affordable— I paid $90 for the hydrafacial with blue light therapy and $85 for each chemical peel with acne serum and red/blue light. The acne medication itself cost more– my first visit I paid around $230 for it all without insurance, however, my last visit when Dr. Yu became aware that I didn’t have coverage he generously gave me plenty of medication samples which works the same– so don’t let the cost hold anyone back from visiting the clinic. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone suffering from any skin condition because I honestly felt like they cared about my skin and not just selling me treatments and medications, and if Dr. Yu and staff somehow run across this– I want to say thank you.

– katbou (Google username)

Thank you Dr. Yu and staff for making me feel good about myself. As a patient of the Affordable Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, I have to say I am impressed with my entire experience from my first visit all the way through. Wonderful and knowledgeable staff as well as the results of my treatments made me come back several times.

I have tried a few treatments at the Clinic – chemical peels, laser hair removal and VelaShape to reduce my cellulite. Each visit was amazing. What woman does not want to feel beautiful – and that is how I feel after every single treatment. The skin on my face feels so much better – it is now smooth, free of blemishes, just like a baby skin! The chemical peel truly works wonders, and not only in my case!

Cellulite was always my biggest nightmare and VelaShape treatments not only visibly reduced the signs of my cellulite, but also made skin on my legs tighter and smoother! Such an amazing effect for someone who have struggled with this condition all her life!

The laser hair removal is one of the greatest inventions I can think of! Not having to shave every morning, not having to worry “Do my underarms look O.K.?” and the fresh and clean feeling all the time are just wonderful!

I can’t thank enough the incredible staff, who greet me with a smile each visit, and who know the answer to every single question I might have. Knowledge that the person, who is treating my skin, is confident and knows what they’re doing really makes a difference.

You can’t put a price on a woman’s self esteem – but thank to ALCC I do feel like a million dollars!

As Stendhal said: ”Beauty is the promise of happiness”. And that’s how I see it!

– M.K.

I have using Affordable laser and Cosmetic Clinic treatments for 8 months. My results are remarkable. My skin is now smoother and firmer. I look rejuvenated and healthy. My scores evaluation in the computer shows 95% or improvement in my skin. I’m really satisfied.

I trust Affordable Laser Cosmetic Clinic Treatments 100% and I recommended everyone to try it.


Best regards


L.E, St Catharines, Ontario

When I began looking for a clinic that specialized in laser hair removal I was recommended by a family friend to visit this clinic. Since then I have had nothing less than exceptional service.

Affordable Laser and Cosmetic Clinic is very welcoming and demonstrated a professional atmosphere. The staff is very knowledgeable about the their products and services and are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients. The prices are exactly that – AFFORDABLE – and there are a variety of services to choose from.

I have had amazing results with my procedures and I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and family.

Kind Regards,
– C.A. – St. Catharines

At my initial consultation Dr. Yu recommend a series of “peels” to prepare my skin for Triniti. I had some rosacea on my cheeks and chin, sagging on my jowl and neck area and some fine lines especially on my upper lip. After four facial peels I couldn’t believe how much lighter and brighter my complexion was which made me very excited to start the Triniti Skin Series treatments. The Triniti skin procedure combined three different treatments in one session – colour correction, skin tightening and wrinkle treatment – for a total facial renewal.

I just completed my second Triniti treatment and based on what others are telling me I look at least 10 years younger. The treatment itself is very comfortable and painless. My rosacea is very close to being gone and my skin tone is much more even. My skin is tighter on my jowl and neck area as well as my forehead and around my eyes. I am very pleased that the fine lines on my upper lip have faded considerable! I am signed up for three to five treatments and I know that each time the treatment will accumulate to leave me with a near perfect complexion. My children came home for Christmas and have not seen me since the summer and were totally blown away at how much younger I look. For the first time in my life I am totally comfortable NOT wearing any face make up.

I highly recommend the Triniti Skin Series to anyone who wants to look as young as they feel. Dr. Yu and the Affordable Laser & Cosmetic Clinic team are pleasant, professional and very knowledgeable and I trust them completely. I can’t wait for my next treatment!

– Lina